Saturday, 23 July 2011

"Atithi" means-Not just a Guest but a well served Guest.

This being the focus of our endeavour to provide each and every one of you a glimpse of India which is subtle and at the same time enchanting and real. Atithi Voyages Pvt. Ltd. has been in the realm of Tourism since over 14 years now. We believe in the principle of service before self and take great pride that all our clients are a happy and satisfied lot.
After all, the level of Personalised Attention and care for all clients is not an exercise for us its a ritual we follow day in and day out. It comes naturally for us to serve with a smile and see a content individual.

The team at Atithi Voyages comprises of dynamic and highly professional individuals who are seeking to answer all your queries and have related ideas. The staff is well versed in French and German speaking Languages. They are available round the clock and will render services to meet any requirements. The staff is sensitive to individuals from different countries and take equal pain to understand the situation and the psyche of each and every Traveller. The team has the choice to express itself in all spheres of work, thus giving them a larger role in the framework of Service to Tourism. We take pride in our personalised level of service which has been the Hallmark of The Company since its inception. Indeed it is a delight to see the face of a smiling and content Traveller, it is a far more fulfilling an experience for us at the agency than anything else. The numerous years in this industry have taught us this: There is nothing more exhilarating than being refered by a content and satisfied Traveller. We draw our inspiration from this and seek to achieve higher and greater goals. No matter however big the Country may be and however diverse its options to travel may be, but if the very basic of service (with a smile) are met with duly, you can consider you have managed to make inroads to making things simpler for the Traveller.

At Atithi Voyages we believe life itself is a Journey, what we discover and take back as impressions with us for years to come are just a reflection of what we have seen, understood cherished, it is thus important to Travel, after all Its not just a Discovery of a land and its people, it’s a Discovery of our own innerselves. India in that aspect is unique, as it gives you various images. Don’t try to reason or understand this land, it has a rhythm of its own.Just live the experience. Don’t compare it with any other journey. The simple logic to travelling In India or understanding India is, let things happen, don’t push for answers, cause you will never find them. Let India reveal itself to you. The depths of its Richness are unfathomable. Take each day as it comes and let the experience embrace you then and only then will you see the real India.
We wish you a Happy Journey and hope that India truly revealed itself to you. If not, you need to make the Journey again as the Divine has just passed you by. Don’t pass this Experience, it will make your heart and soul richer.


  1. Realy... Atithi Voyages make "atithi" not just a guest but well surved guests.

    keep it.


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  3. India is the very nice
    country in the world.There are so many beautiful monumental places.Delhi is capital of India.